Women's Skis / Girls' Skis

Waist Width
Skill Level

What characterises women's skis / girl skis?

Women's skis or girl skis are charaterised by being light skis that turn easily. You don't have to use a lot of energy to make the ski react which makes it easy to gain control over them. Furthermore, compared to men's skis, they are not as stiff, but softer since they have been adjusted to fit women's lower muscle mass and physiology. Apart from this, women's skis tend to have a more femenine design with fresh colours and patterns applied which will be more appealing to women.

Should you choose women's skis if you have some skiing experience?

If you are used to skiing and practise it more than a week every year, it will, for most women, be preferable to choose a pair of skis from one of our other categories: All Mountain Skis, Twin Tip Skis, Freeride Skis or Piste Skis. Which skis you should then choose from these categories depends on your skiing style and personal preferences. Even though the skis from these categories are also used by men, women buy them equally as much and the skis are also very suitable for women. Whether you should choose girl skis or not depends on your experience, what you want to use them for and how often.