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Ice skates for indoor and outdoor use

A pair of quality ice skates is a good investment, because they are suitable for many different sports and if you handle them properly, you can use them for years. You can use your ice skates outside on frozen lakes and canals during the winter, and when the weather gets warmer you can bring them to your local indoor skating rink. The ice skates in this category are all-round skates which means that they can be used for play as well as exercise skating, but you can also bring a hockey stick and play ice hockey with your friends using these skates.

Worth knowing about Ice Skates

Because ice skates don’t have braking devices, the blade must operate as both a braking- and gliding device. If the blade is very sharp, you will be able to skate really fast and make hard brakes. Most blades are made of steel. To maintain the properties of the blade, it is important to properly and regularly sharpen them. If not done properly and often enough, the quality of the ice skates will be impaired over time.

Earlier the blades were simply fastened to a pair of normal boots to create a pair of skates, but today the ice skate boot has become an important part of what makes a good skate. The boots are available with more or less ankle support. Just like roller skates, more support means less flexibility and vice versa. The ice skates are available with extra lining made in a water resistant material to keep your feet warm and dry.

The History of Ice Skates

Ice skating is an old invention. It is believed that ice skates were invented in Finland by people who needed to travel far across the ice. Back then, an ice skate was simply an animal bone sharpened and placed under the foot. Since then, ice skates have developed, but the idea behind it and the skating techniques still remain the same.

The activity of ice skating was spread across Europe by the upper class, but it has always been a popular activity among the wide population. When winter came and the lakes froze to ice, the young and old, rich and poor gathered on the lakes to skate. In 1572 ice skates with iron blades were invented – and with them, a new generation of skates emerged.

The ice skate is the predecessor to the roller skate, which is very obvious when you look at both the design of the two kinds of skates and the sports they are used for.

Ice Skates for Sports

If it isn’t a pair of all-round ice skates you need, but a pair of skates designed for a specific sport, you can read more about ice hockey skates, figure skates and kids ice skates under these categories. Kids ice skates are, like the skates in this category, made for both sports and play. Read about the different pair of skates to get more information. Furthermore, SkatePro offers to sharpen your skates for a reasonable price.

See our buying guide for ice skates for advice on how to choose the correct size and model.