Buying ice skates

Are you considering buying a pair of iceskates? You will find a few tips here, that can help you to find the ice skates that fits you best.

Maybe you have an old pair of ice skates at home. Often it is advisable to leave them here, and buy new ones instead. Modern iceskates have improved a lot in skating pleasure. They provide a much better support, so you avoid spending all your energy trying to keep the balance. Also the blade have improved which makes it easier for you to gain speed on your skates.

What kind of ice skates are available?

Here is a quick presentation of the different kind of skates available.

The hockey skate

This skate has a hard boot with good liner, that is quite comfortable to wear, even with the hard shell. It is shaped so the boot provides good support of ankle and foot. The skate has a short lightly angled blade, which makes it quick and easy to manuver, but not so usable for long distance skating.

The figure skate

The classic ice skate with leather boot and a heel combined with a long blade with a toe pic.
The toe pic enables you to take-off when jumping.
The traditional leather version does not provide a good support, and the liner is quite thin. Modern recreational figures ice skates with boots made of plastic or other materials (like shown on the picture), provides better support and a more comfortable liner.

The speed skate

This skate is made for speed. The boot is lowcut and sits tight around your foot. The blade is long and narrow.
Only recommended for experienced skaters.

Hockey skates or figure skates?

For beginners (both kids and adults) we recommend the hockey skate. It provides good support and is comfortable to wear compared to recreational skates at the same price.

Do you want to do tricks and jumps on you ice skates, then you probably want a pair of figure skates. For kids and beginners we recommend recreational ice skates with a non-leather boot, as the provide better support than traditional figures ice skates.

If you are in doubt, then you can test out the different kind of skates at most ice rinks, where you can rent iceskates.

If you use ice skates only a few times a year, then there is no reason to use several hundreds Euro on your iceskates. But remember that the cheapest ice skates (30-60 Euro) are so soft that the do not provide you the necessary ancle support.

Get the correct size

Also it is important that you don't buy your skates to big. Try them with the socks you plan skating in. The skates must fit tight without hurting you. If you loosen laces/buckle and push your foot to the front, then there should be just room enough for a finger in the boot behind your heel.

You can also measure you feet, and use the sizing tables to find a size that will fit you for the following brands: CCM, Roxa and Powerslide

See our selection of figure skates and hockey skates

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