Longboards Risers & Longboard Shock Pads


Good to know

What Are Longboard Risers For?

Longboard riser pads, or risers, are small bits of plastic that you attach between your longboard deck and truck. This raises the height of the longboard, helping to prevent wheelbite.

There are two types of riser pads, a flat, rectangular riser, or an angled, wedge riser. Flat risers are the standard design and are available in a range of different thicknesses. Angled risers raise your deck height but also alter the angle of the kingpin and the pivot point. Using these will give you more “turn” at the front of the board.

Do You Need Shock Pads on a Longboard?

While longboard shock pads also lift the deck height, they have the additional goal of dampening vibrations and ensuring a smooth ride. Having this extra layer of protection is a great idea if you are riding on uneven surfaces and want to protect your deck.

Remember that if you choose to use riser or shock pads then you will need to make sure that your bolts are long enough to support the new setup. You can check this in our Bolts & Riser Pads Guide. If you do need to get some new hardware, then head over to our Nuts & Bolts for Longboards page.

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