Scooter Ramps & Grind Rails


What Are Stunt scooter Ramps?

Stunt scooter ramps, also known as stunt scooter ramps, are a great addition for any scooter rider looking to reach new heights. Ramps are used to launch scooter riders up into the air and perform tricks and stunts. Light and easy to assemble, scooter ramps are perfect for anyone looking to bring the skatepark to their garden or driveway.

Scooter ramps come in various sizes and can be used by both beginners and advanced riders. Scooter half-pipes and other common ramps styles can normally be used for other action sports such as skateboarding, skating and BMX riding.

What Are Scooter Grind Rails?

Grind rails are narrow bars where scooter riders can perform stunts and grinds on. Because of the scooter’s underside, it can often be more challenging to grind on certain rails compared to skateboarding. Moreover, higher and steeper rails are difficult to use and best suited for more experienced riders.

When looking for grind rails, it is important to consider the weight. Heavier rails will be harder to transport but, on the other hand, are sturdier. Meanwhile, modular rails will be more mobile to transport.

The Advantages of Having Your own Skatepark

Everyone dreams of having their very own skatepark and your own ramp or grind rail is taking the first step to realising this. Having your own equipment will allow you to set up a park exactly how you want it. Furthermore, you will not have to worry about crowded parks and will be able to practise over and over again until you can master your tricks.

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