Ski Goggle Lenses

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A ski goggle lens for every weather conditions

When you ski, you sometimes you’ll find yourself running down the pistes under a clear sky and a bright sun. Sometimes you’ll be skiing in cloudy weather in the minutes before the sun goes down or sets. The light in these scenarios are very different, and it is not possible to buy a ski goggle lens that fits all the different light conditions.

It can be difficult to find a ski goggle with a lens that is suitable for all weather conditions; instead, you should consider purchasing an extra lens, to get the best possible skiing experience no matter how cloudy or how sunny the day is. Make sure that your ski goggles have a changeable lens before you buy an extra lens otherwise your money will be wasted.

There’s many different tones and colours, which you can choose for your ski goggle lenses. One thing is the look and style of the lenses, but the most important thing is how they perform in the conditions you need to ski in.

Choose the right VLT for your ski lenses

One of the most important things to consider is, how much light transfer you want your lenses to have. The degree of light transfer is measured in VLT (Visible Light Transmission). It ranges from 0 - 100 percent, and is a scale that establishes how many percent of the outside light that reaches the eye.

If you ski in sunny weather in the middle of the day, you should choose a lens with a VLT between 5 - 20 percent, whereas lenses with 60-90 VLT are perfect for the cloudy weather, snow, dawn and artificial light on the pistes in the evening.

Most people want a lens that they can use in most conditions. If this is the case, you want to look at lenses with 30 - 60 VLT.

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