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Salomon Skis & Ski Equipment

Salomon S-Lab Black Overboot

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Salomon Neoprene Overboots are an excellent way to keep toes and feet warm and dry in extreme cold or wet conditions. The low-bulk, form-fitting boot covers provide insulation and wind protection that keep you warm in even the most bitter cold and don't interfere with movement so they can be used for racing. They can also be used in slushy conditions to keep boots from getting saturated with water.

Fit to the same size as your boot for the tightest fit, size up 1/2-size for easier entry.
For extremely cold conditions or if you need a little extra warmth, try placing chemical warmers in between your boots and the covers. Fits all SNS PILOT boots, but not the Carbon Skate Lab.

Size guide (The sizes is in UK):
5UK = 5.5US
5.5UK = 6US
6.5UK = 7US
7UK = 7.5US