BMX Goggles

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize With BMX Goggles

Wearing BMX goggles is a simple way to keep out the sun and dust when racing around the track. Worn between the gap in your helmet, they can be used in all weather conditions and also give you extra protection in case of a crash or flying obstacles. While they are not compulsory to wear, BMX racing goggles are an easy way to boost your performance.

When choosing a pair of goggles it’s worth thinking about what type of lens you want. Lenses are usually divided into three different colour tones dependent on the conditions you will be riding in. Light-toned and clear lenses are for low light conditions while medium-toned lenses are more universal and can be used in both low light and more sunny conditions. Dark toned lenses are optimal in bright and sunny conditions.

BMX Bike Goggles Can Be Used for Many Sports

In this category, you’ll see a range of goggles that were initially designed for other sports such as snowboarding or motocross goggles. Because of the similarity between the two sports, many BMX riders choose to use a pair of motocross goggles.

The main difference between BMX goggles and goggles for winter sports is that the latter are usually double lensed, adding an anti-fogging element to the design.

Of course, to stay protected on the race track it’s important that you wear a BMX Helmet.

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