SkatePro supports skaters with sponsorships. Are you looking for a sponsor?

There are various requirements for obtaining a sponsorship. But meeting those requirements may not help, if the brand or SkatePro is not looking for a new rider. Check our team here.


Requirements for new team riders:

  • Talent - You can do more tricks than most skaters in the park and you do them with style.
  • Been skating for at least a year - It takes time to build up skills.
  • Respected in your area - You are in contact with other skaters in your area and region, and they respect you.
  • Actively skating - You are out skating as often as you can, you also skate other things than your local park.
  • Good skate conduct - You respect other skaters and you are having fun while skating with others that might be new to the sport.
  • Love your sport - You love to try new tricks / evolve and you know what's happening around the world in your sport.

Applying for a Sponsorship

Often it is not necessary to ask for sponsorships, if you got what it takes, we will find you. Remember that only a few people get sponsored.

Material you need to send if you are applying for a sponsorship:

  • Name, address, city and age.
  • A profile picture of yourself.
  • Short Youtube edit showing your skills, style and stability of skating on different spots.
  • A description of the above requirements.

If you think you got what it takes please send your email to our team manager Daniel - daniel@skatepro.dk

Skate to create :-)

Team SkatePro