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Roll-Line Killer Plates

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The Roll-Line Killer plates for roller derby skates are an unbeatable choice if you are looking to upgrade your derby plates to a lightweight and highly manoeuvrable setup. The base is made of a special lightweight aluminium alloy and the trucks are made of steel. The entire design is based on a cross brace structure that ensures excellent structural rigidity whilst keeping weight at a minimum.

The trucks are differently angled to improve on a couple of points. The greater inclination of the front axle lets the skater initiate turns with more ease and with less pressure. The lower inclination of the back axle improves stability and centering during turns.

The Killer plates use Roll-Lines own great cushions. This setup comes from the factory with medium hardness.

With the click action adjustment system it has never been easier to ensure an even tension of your plates. Tighten the nut until you hear a clear click. Then simply count the number of clicks you hear until the trucks sit just where you want them - then simply just repeat on the other plate for an even result. For easier steering when going backwards it is recommended to tighten the rear kingpin nuts one click looser than the front truck.

The plates come with the Ambra Super Professional toe stopper. It is made of natural rubber and does not leave marks on the floor. Furthermore, the use of natural rubber ensures a supreme grip for quick directional changes or fast stops.

This version has 8mm axles and uses a metric thread in the toe stop mounts.

All tools needed for adjustments come included in a neat little tool bag.


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Roller Derby

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Amazing plates and can't beat this price with the hook and skate packages. As great as top of the line artistic plates for fast and quick transitions, turns, one footed three turns, spins, backward and forward skating. I have never skated on other derby plates though aside from a crappy stock nylon so have no comparison. But have skated on roll line dance and atlas figure plates and the killer is on par with the toll line dance. Lightweight and top of the line with easy click adjustment for tighter or looser adjustment. Roll line Plates tools also provided by roll line and Skatepro.
Rating: 5 of 5!