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Land Paddle Longboards - Street SUP

Land paddle longboards - Street SUP

With land paddle longboards you surf the streets using a big longboard and a stick. Land paddling is basically the same as stand up paddling (SUP), but instead of being on water you paddle on land. Kahuna Creations have put this type of longboarding in the spotlight and they have patent on the Big Stick that you use as a paddle to gain speed. The Big Stick also makes it easier to keep balance on the longboard and can be used as a brake. The land paddle longboards are wide and stable making them suitable for all ages, from young kids to older people. Some of the Kahuna Big Sticks come in adjustable sizes making them great to share with your family provided that you do not ride at the same time of course.

Land paddling - good workout for everyone

Land paddling is a fun way to obtain a great all-round workout. Thanks to the Big Stick, you use your whole body, working your muscles from top to toe. And not only do you build up muscles and increase your metabolism, you also really get the chance to work on your balancing techniques which can help you with your performance in other sports such as surfing or stand up paddling. If you are into downhill and carving, the Big Stick really lets you lean into some intense carves which, apart from developing your technical skills, is a great workout for the upper arm.

Can I use my normal longboard for SSUP?

Using a longboard specifically made for street stand up paddling (SSUP) is always a better choice rather than using a random longboard. However, if you have a longer longboard and just want to get a taste of SSUP, you can start by getting only the Big Stick. If, like many others, you really get into it, it will pay off to go for a real land paddle longboard.

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