Segway Ninebot

What kind of a witchcraft is the Segway hoverboard?

A Segway board or a Segway Ninebot is a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter. The company got the patent for the Segway board, or shortly the segboard, in 2001 and has released several models since then. In 2016 the company launched the mini Segway which is the smaller version of the board and can be used as a kids Segway as well.

Every Segway board comes with different specifications and features. The hoverboard, for example, is easy to carry and smaller than the traditional Segway scooter. So it is a matter of preference and what suits your needs when picking one.

Segway hoverboard - the story and the drama

The story about Segway and Ninebot can be an actual movie plot. The Segway scooter was invented in the USA but the inventors had some challenges regarding making the new form of electric transportation profitable.

Meanwhile, in China, a company called Ninebot, produced a similar product but since Segway already owned the worldwide patent for the self-balancing scooter, this was not well received in America. Segway filed a lawsuit against Ninebot. But how did Ninebot handle this? They bought Segway and merged the two companies. So that is the reason why our self-balancing scooter is called both Ninebot and Segway.