Roller Derby Wheels

Good to know

Choose the right roller derby wheels

In roller derby, you only use indoor wheels because you play indoor.

When you start the journey of finding the roller derby wheels that meet your needs, it's all about finding the right balance between the wheels, the floor and yourself. The most important thing to consider is the hardness, or durometer as it’s also called. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right hardness:

• A grippy floor calls for harder wheels 93-99a.

• In many sports arenas, we often see 93-95a as a popular choice.

• To avoid sliding out on the more slippery floor, it can be recommended to go down to 88-92a.

The skater's weight is also a factor to consider since a heavy skater usually needs a harder wheel. But generally, you just have to try a few different wheels and see what kind that suits you the best.

What size to choose?

The wheel size is also based on personal preferences. The typical size chosen is around 59mm and 62mm in diameter. The width is either a standard or slim. The standard is quite popular, but some people prefer a slim wheel for a more agile wheel. Slim profile wheels have a little less grip than standard, but this can usually be compensated for if you choose a wheel that is a little bit softer than you normally would.

Notice: Some skaters prefer to mix the wheels in hardness, to optimise different aspects of the game. If you decide to experiment with this be aware that you, choose the same diameter for all the wheels.

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