Drift Trikes

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A Drift Trike is a 3-wheeled bike with a bike wheel in front and 2 small, but wide wheels in the back. A Drift Trike is designed for downhill riding. The 2 wide wheels in the back give a “slide effect” when you are riding fast. The Pro3 model is produced with slightly different back wheels than the earlier models, it has wheels with air tyres in the centre and PVC sleeves on the outside. This is a practical feature, as it makes it possible only to change the outer PVC sleeve instead of the entire wheel, when it is worn down.

How do I ride my Trike?

On a Trike bike you create momentum simply by riding downhill. However, when that is not possible you need to create momentum in another way. That’s why some of the Drift Trikes are made with pedals. This way you can create momentum when the hills aren’t steep enough, or when you are riding straight roads.

It is always a good idea to ride on even asphalt tracks or roads. Rough surfaces create more resistance and impair your slides, and the wheels are worn faster on rough surfaces.

A Drift Trike for everybody

Drift Trikes are suitable for most people – kids and teenagers as well as adults. Trike drifting is a sport that aims broadly, as the technique is quite simple. You can compare trike drifting with downhill longboarding, however, because you are sitting down instead of standing up and because the Trike bike is very stable, it is easier to maintain balance on a Drift Trike than on a longboard.

Trike drifting has become a popular sport and it has many followers around the world. Before Drift Trikes were commercialized, many people built them themselves. However, today the Drift Trike is produced by Huffy among others.

Trike drifting originates from New Zealand. Soon the phenomenon spread to Australia, South America and Europe. In 2008 the sport had become so popular that the “American Drift Trike Association”which is a non-profit association with the mission to promote Drift Trikes was founded.