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What differs roller derby skates from other quad roller skates?

Roller derby quad skates are roller skates with a low boot. The consequence of the low boot is that you get little to none ankle support, instead, you gain flexibility. Roller derby skates have boots made in leather, artificial leather or nylon. The frame is made in nylon or aluminium. These type of roller skates are generally suitable for Derby, but they can also be used for dancing, jam art, and fitness.

Read the description on each product page to see whether they are specially designed for roller derby or if they are for more general use.

What is roller derby?

Roller derby is an American sport that became popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Originally, the sport was a race between two teams. But already in the 1930s, the sport developed into the contact sport that it is today. Roller Derby used to be played by both men and women, and though there are a few roller derby teams for men, the sport is mainly played by women.

In roller derby, you play on two teams with 5 players per side. Each team chooses a jammer, who is the scoring player. The other 4 players are blockers.

It is an entertainment sport which is expressed in different ways. The contestants usually have a roller derby name which could be a wordplay of a famous name or phenomenon. Some even use their name to create an alter ego, who they play while skating. Often, the tournaments are also named with a wordplay.

When you play roller derby it is important to use safety equipment such as helmet, wrist protectors, elbow and knee pads and mouth guards.

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