Dirt Sooters

The dirt scooter is an all terrain scooter, that is suitable for more extreme conditions than the normal transportation scooter.

A dirt scooter for all terrain and transport

A dirt scooter is also known as an off-road scooter, or an all terrain scooter, and it has some special features which differs it from the other scooter designs. A Dirt scooter has large air wheels, which makes it easy to use on most surfaces. Furthermore, the dirt scooter has a reinforced deck for extra durability and an oversized T-bar for better control.

Dirt scooters are suited for off-road usage. They are great for transportation, because they are not sensitive to things like gravel, dirt, and uneven asphalt, unlike most conventional scooters. Some dirt scooters even have sealed bearings, to keep dirt and water from the bearings and thus expanding the lifetime of the bearings significantly. The materials used and the construction of dirt scooters are not like trick scooters. The wheels will have a tendency to wobble a bit more.

How to use the scooter as an off-road scooter

The off-road scooter is becoming increasingly popular and the manufacturers keep trying to develop the design and make the scooters more durable. One of the reasons that the off-road scooter is so popular is that it represents a niche in the scooter industry. Besides being a great scooter for transportation, the dirt scooter is also great for off-road dirt tracks, much like the BMX bike. You can create your own tracks or you can use the already existing BMX tracks. The all terrain scooter has many similarities with the BMX bike, because of the robust one-piece design and the rubber air wheels.

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