Smartphone Lens & Accessories

A smartphone lens is a significant upgrade to your phone

If you are out there skating, skiing or riding your BMX bike, you usually don’t want to be carrying a lot of heavy photo and filming equipment. In this case, the gear in this category will be just perfect. Here you'll find a selection of smartphone lenses and accessories, including fish-eye lenses and hotshot handles.

With a smartphone lens, you get a unique way to take pictures and films on your smartphone. It’s straightforward to use, you only need to attach your fisheye lens to your smartphone, and then you are ready to take beautiful pictures with this stylish smartphone gadget. The fisheye lens is very popular among skaters since the lens, when used correctly, provides a wide and elegant overview.

Smartphone mounts is a must-have smartphone gadget

Our clip-on fisheye smartphone lens fits perfectly in your pocket and is ready to mount on most smartphones and tablets.

Fisheye technology is the perspective you get when you look out the peephole in one’s apartment door. It makes the background appear small and the foreground large, almost like looking through a goldfish eye. It gives you the opportunity to capture more angles on your pictures and films.

You might also notice, that this category holds a few smartphone mounts that are ideally suited for skating. With the fisheye lens, a hotshot tripod or handle in your pocket, you are armed and ready with quality filming equipment that makes it easy for you to share your stunts and rides with you friends. Unless you have forgotten your smartphone at home - of course.