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Douchebags The Carryall 65L LTD Black Camo Backpack

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As a follow up to the massively successful and very limited Jon Olsson White camo series of Douchebags comes the Black Camo version. Same graphics pattern but only with black and dark grey colours. Beautiful and subtle looks which are only available in extremely limited amounts. Get yours before your neighbor.

65L smart bag with many nice features. The Douchebag called The Carryall is a nice looking bag a bit similar to regular duffle-bags but with more nice details. You can carry it on your shoulders via the wide and patted shoulder strap or via the handle straps by the hands. Easy entry due to the zipper system in the top and on the front and pockets both on the inside and outside to stuff in your items. Underneath the bag, it features laminated foam for comfortable carrying and optimised protection of your travel goods.