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USD Carbon Team Aggressive Skate Boot Only

EUR 349,95
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The Carbon Team boot has been redesigned with quite a few features. It is a softboot hybrid with improvements to the cuff for durability and a better flexibillity. A one-piece tongue made from different foams allows for great comfort, good flex and no wrinkles/surplus materials that could cause blisters.
Internally the boot has a new shape with more flexzones to accommodate the additional cuff while maintaining support - with an added crucial enhancement to the forward flex for much better control on landings.

Boot/Shell type:
Soft, Heat moldable
Liner features:
Built-in, V-Cut, Shock absorber
Lacing, Powerstrap, Buckle
Boot material:
PU leather, Plastic, Carbon
Liner material:
Foam, Neoprene, Microfiber
Flexible, Low lateral support, V-Cut
Backslide plate:
Recommended for:
Aggressive skating
reviews   (3)
Been a fan of the Carbon boots since deshi's first iterance all those years ago. The first thing that drew me to the carbon as the individual shell sizing. Being a UK 9 and loathing floppy moon boots, almost all skates on the market are not an option for me. Cant skate a 9 liner in a 10/11 shell (unsurprisingly) and im too old to be stuffing my feet into an 8. These will be my fifth pair of carbons. The biggest change ive noticed in this skate from my team 15s and franky carbon 2s is that the toe box is very spacious. My toes are dancing inside the boot, having a whale of a time. Ive sat the boots next to my old carbons and externally the boots are exactly the same size. So they're no larger but more spacious. They skate exactly the same as the old carbons -perfect! I dont think I'll need to heatmould these ones. Both the franky 2s and the team 15s gave me a pressure point on my ankle but these did not, they were comfy out of the box
Rhys Hather (Bridgend)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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