Complete Basic Service of Snowboard

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Service (to be completed 21 Sep)
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Make your snowboard tuned in for fast glide and sharp edging again. This complete Basic service covers sharpening of edges and waxing the base.

This service is manuelly done and covers the following:
- First sharpening - removing rust and little burrs
- Sharpening both side and base edges with metal file
- Fiber-tex (Cleaning the base)
- Clean waxing of the base (Ironing the cleaning wax into the base)
- Cooling of the base
- Scraping of cleaning wax
- Brushing of cleaning wax
- Ironing universal wax into the base
- Cooling of the base
- Scraping of universal wax
- Brushing of universal wax

Send the snowboard to us or deliver them personally in our shop in Copenhagen or Søften north of Aarhus - then we will make the service.

Normally the snowboard will be done within two working days.