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Ice and snow
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Ice hockey skates

Roxa 720 ice skateCCM 60 Senior IceskateCCM 50 Iceskate
CCM 40 IceskateRoxa 140 SkateRbk 6k Pump Goalie Skate
CCM U+12 Senior SkateCCM U+01 Hockey SkateCCM U+02 Junior Iceskate
Rbk 20K SE PUMP White Senior SkateRbk 20K SE PUMP Black Senior SkateRbk 20K SE PUMP Black Junior Skate
Rbk 20K SE PUMP White Junior SkateRbk 19K PUMP Senior SkateRbk 16K PUMP Senior Skate
Rbk 14K PUMP Senior SkateRbk 14K PUMP Junior SkateRbk 12K PUMP Senior Skate
Rbk 12K PUMP Junior SkateRbk 9K PUMP Senior SkateRbk 9K PUMP Junior Skate
CCM RBZ Senior IceskateCCM RBZ Junior IceskateCCM 100 Senior Iceskate
CCM 80 Senior IceskateCCM 80 Junior IceskateCCM 70 Senior Iceskate
CCM 70 Junior IceskateCCM 60 Junior Skate

Ice hockey skates are strong skates with good ankle support and a lightly bent frame, which enables you to gain speed quickly and they are also good for quick maneuvers.

For serious use (weekly training session and many blade sharpenings) we recommend skates with stainless blades, as they are more durable and are suitable for more sharpenings.