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Choosing the right ski jacket matters

No matter if you’re into competitive racing or recreational skiing - Choosing the right ski jacket is essential for your performance and for having a fun and successful day out.

Warm and dry with a winter jacket

All the winter jackets you’ll find in this category are designed to keep you both warm and dry. Most of the snow jackets available on this site are made from a wind breaking fabric in the front and a breathable fabric at the back. This design secures, that the front protects against cold wind, while the back ventilates excess heat and transports sweat from the inner layer.

How to choose the right snow jacket?

So what ski jacket should you choose when you’re out on the pistes or cross-country skiing? This might seem like a hard question to answer, but actually, it’s not - You just need to think about these two things.

  • What’s my activity-level?
  • What’s the weather/temperature?

If you like to push yourself to the limit and are into racing / competing, cross country you’ll only need a thin jacket and a thin mid layer. In that way, you don’t need to stop to take off a layer if it gets too warm or add a layer if you start freezing.

If you’re the kind of person, who is into recreational skiing the best way to keep warm on a sunny and warm day would be to wear a little thicker mid layer. You should bring a lightweight quilted down jacket or a softshell jacket in your backpack to wear when you’re taking a break or start to freeze.

Keep comfortable, warm and dry all day

A ski jacket should keep you warm and comfortable when you’re out on the trails. Keeping warm and dry is an important ingredient in the recipe for a successful day out on the mountain.

A winter jacket should not only keep you warm and safe from the wind but also let your body breathe and allow sweat and moisture to evaporate from your body. Many of the snow jackets you’ll find in this category are designed to be windbreaker in the front and have elastic and breathable fabric in the back, which allows your body to breath, which means that you keep a comfortable body temperature - no matter what.

Race vs. recreational use

If you’re into competitive cross country skiing or like skiing up the mountain, we recommend that you wear a thin outer layer on top of you mid layer/base layer. If you do this, you don’t need to stop to take your cross country skiing jacket / nordic skiing jacket off, when you start to overheat on your way up the mountain - and trust us you will.

Are you the kind of person who is into recreational cross country skiing / Nordic skiing / XC skiing we recommend that you wear a little thicker mid layer such as a polyester or fleece jersey on days when the weather is good and the sun is shining. But don’t forget to bring a jacket in a backpack, so you can take it on, when you stop for a break or if the weather changes and the sky opens.