Buying scooter pegs

Notice that not all pegs fit on all scooters, due to different designs and brands.
A good advice is to buy pegs and the deck & fork in the same brand. You can always contact the skateshop if in doubt or if no info is written about the peg you are buying.

A good rule of thumb is:
The axle the peg is mounted on should be longer than the decks width, use spacers to add distance if the peg is blocked by the deck.

Peg material
- Steel (chrome steel) is strong and good for street riding.
- Aluminium is lighter and good for park riding - but not as rugged as steel.

Alternative pegs
Its possible to buy "onepiece pegs" as a alternative to loose pegs.
These are usually stronger than traditional pegs.

Wear and usage
Pegs are replaceable, and if you want to grind curbs ( stone or concrete , ect) you need to wax & stone the curb very well to make it smooth. Also replace your pegs before they deform so much that they are hard / not able to de-attach.

Choose if you want to mount your pegs on the left or right side.
Since different brands of scooters use different axle bolts. We advise to use the axle/bolt from your scooter when mounting new pegs, unless your pegs require otherwise. Often you only have to unscrew the bolt head on your scooter when attaching pegs, then put back the bolt head through the peg. And tighten it securely.

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