How to tighten your Globber scooter and change the spring

It is always a good idea to tighten the bolts of your Globber scooter once in a while to make sure it stays well-maintained and runs smoothly. If you experience wheels pressing to the outside, this may well be due to loose bolts and/or a worn-out spring. Read along and learn how to easily tighten the bolts and change the spring.

If your kid is standing on his/her Globber scooter and experiences the wheels pressing to the outside and the deck scraping the ground, you might believe that your kid has grown too big for the scooter. However, you most likely just need to tighten the bolts. In some cases, wheels pressing outwards could also indicate a broken spring inside the frame. The spring is a wearing part and can be replaced. Therefore, make sure to check the spring when you tighten the bolts.

Ready to get started

Follow the steps below and your Globber scooter will be up and running again in no time.

Tools to use:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Two M5 Allen keys
  • Two M4 Allen keys
  • Possibly a spring

Pay attention while disassembling your scooter. Make sure you remember in which order the parts are assembled to avoid any difficulties during reassembling. If in doubt, always contact SkatePro for advice.


Take your Phillips screwdriver and loosen the 6 screws. You are now able to remove the deck (the pink part in the picture).


You are now able to remove the deck (the pink part in the picture).


Take your two M5 Allen keys. Loosen and remove the 2 axles shown in the picture above by placing one allen key on one side and the other allen key on the other side. Now you will be able to detach the wheel setup (see next picture).

Be careful that you don’t lose the spacers - they might fall off while removing the axles.


Tigthen the axles with two M4 allen keys by placing one allen key on each side.

You are now ready to reassemble your scooter and can jump to step 6. However, if the spring has snapped, go to step 5.


Loosen and remove the axles with two M4 Allen keys. You will now be able to remove and replace the spring with a new one.

6. Reassemble the scooter again by following all the previous steps in reverse order. Make sure to tighten all the bolts very well.

If you have any doubts, make sure to contact SkatePro for advice. The wrong assembly could result in broken parts.