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Service Basic Snowboard Waxing

EUR 29,95
Service (to be completed 24 Sep)
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Make your snowboard fast again - let us make a base waxing of your snowboard.

This service is manuelly done and covers the following:
- Fiber-tex (Cleaning the base)
- Clean waxing of the base (Ironing the cleaning wax into the base)
- Cooling of the base
- Scraping of cleaning wax
- Brushing of cleaning wax
- Ironing universal wax into the base
- Cooling of the base
- Scraping of universal wax
- Brushing of universal wax

Send the snowboard to us or deliver them personally in our shop in Copenhagen or Søften north of Aarhus - then we will make the service.

Normally the snowboard will be done within two working days.