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Swenor Ceramic Wheel Bearing

EUR 17,95
Swenor Roller skis & Roller Ski Equipment
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For rollerskiers looking for the optimum speed and performance, this Ceramic wheel bearing is the best way to go.

Not only is it fast but thanks to the use of ceramic balls within the construction, it is long lasting and durable.

Swenor recommends always cleaning the bearings after use. Simply rinse with water, let it dry and apply oil.


Compatible with:
Swenor Carbonfibre, Swenor Fiberglass, Swenor Finstep, Swenor Skate Elite, Swenor Skate, Swenor Skate Long, Swenor Equipe R2, Swenor Equipe R2 Racing, Swenor Alutech Racing, Swenor Alutech, Swenor Alutech Junior, Swenor Skate Junior, Swenor Tristar, Swenor Touring
Bearing precision:


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