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Swenor Equipe R2 Ceramic Complete Wheel

EUR 99,95
Swenor Roller Skis & Roller Ski Equipment

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Complete SWENOR Equipe R2 Ceramic Racing 100mm wheel:

This wheel is equiped with ceramic bearings.

  • 76A, Color yellow: for skiers weighing up to 74 kg. Poor road quality and wet conditions.
  • 78A, Color orange: for skiers between 72-80 kg. Regular asphalt, wet and dry conditions.
  • 80 A, Color green: for skiers weighing 78 kg. Rough to fine asphalt, fits most skiers, dry conditions.
  • 82 A, Color red: for powerful skiers weighing above 78 kg and fine structured roads, dry conditions and high temperatures.


Compatible with:
Swenor Skate Elite, Swenor Skate, Swenor Skate Long, Swenor Equipe R2, Swenor Equipe R2 Racing
Wheel diameter:
Wheel width:
Bolt, bearing etc. included:

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