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Matter wheels

Matter Race G13 125mm Inline Skate Wheels 6-pack

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Advanced wheels for speed skating. Built around the four component TR3 system "Core improvement" and G13 Polyurethane. Matter laboratories together with the Powerslide Matter racing team is very confident that this wheel will dominate track and road racing for years to come.

The G13 PU offers great grip, while never compromising in roll, and with great pop out of the turns. Uses S.E.R.T. technology. It is short for Stored Energy Ring Technology. This technology is best explained by the engieneer behind the wheel - Neal Piper:

"One of the most important structures in any inline racing wheel is the transition layer where a softer structure joins with a much harder mounting base. This is very critical energy management zone for a wheel. At this critical hinge or pivot point, the power of the push and the “stored rotational energy” within the deflected tyre cannot be lost. If a transition or mounting layer between the PU tyre and harder plastic hub is built correctly, it allows a perfect balance between tyre flexibility and energy release across the entire wheel."

Matter wheels use the Footprint scale, the F1 stands for footprint 1.

F1 - equals approx. 85A
F2 - equals approx. 84A
F3 - equals approx. 83A

ModelWheel hardness
125mm - F0F0
125mm - F1F1
125mm - F2F2
Wheel diameter:
Bearings and spacers:
Not included
Wheels per pack:
Core material:

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