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Tempish Skate Pads 3-pack

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From Tempish comes this classically designed skateboard park-set. Protection aimed at helping skaters feel more confident and thus making it easier for them to learn new tricks.

With a simple sleeve design, Tempish has managed to create a protection pack that is not only great against impacts but also comfy to use for long sessions at the skatepark.

The wrist-protector is fixed with three velcro-straps and is shaped to allow freedom of movement for your hands when doing handstands and similar tricks. Both elbow- and knee-protectors are supplied with velcro straps on top and bottom which help keep them in place.

The hard shell plastic has good resistance against both impact and abrasion. They are held in place on the knee and elbow-protectors with a solid rivet construction.

Note: Tempish has named this set Downhill - However we recommend not using this set for hardcore downhill longboarding.

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