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Matter Wheels

Prime Centurio Outdoor Hockey Wheels

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The Prime wheels are a collaboration between Matter Wheels and Powerslide. The wheels are made specifically for the Powerslide sub-brand Reign skates. Reign is their line of inline hockey skates.

The Centurio is a bespoke outdoor wheel which will help you leave opponents in the dust. High on speed and deep on grip. The GameAthane material and the Centre Power Pivot technology yields a wheel that is highly manoeuvrable and very fast.

Notice: The wheels come in packages that match the standard setup of the Reign skates. This means you get 4 wheels on all sizes except the 100mm which is intended for 3 x 100mm setups - Whereas you only get 3 wheels in this package.

ModelWheel diameterWheel hardnessWheels per pack
76mm - 82A76mm82A4
76mm - 84A76mm84A4
80mm - 82A80mm82A4
80mm - 84A80mm84A4
100mm - 82A100mm82A3
100mm - 84A100mm84A3
Core material:
Not included
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