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Slingshot Sports

Slingshot Rally 2019 Kite

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Please note - The colours and colour combinations will vary from the pictures. This allows Slingshot to better utilise the materials and thus less waste goes in the garbage.

Slingshot kite for progressive riders

The Rally kite from Slingshot is designed to cruise, jump, wave ride etc. It is made with enhanced controllability and will cover large wind ranges.

Controllable, safe, and responsive

  • You get an easily controllable kite due to the kite shape offering a large amount of depower
  • The shape of the wingtip ensure fast steering and predictability
  • You will love how easy it is to relaunch
Kite Bar:
Not included
Kite Lines:
4 Lines
Riding Style:
Freeride, Wave
Kite Pump:
Not included
Accessory included:
Bag, Repair Kit, Quick Start Guide