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RAD Cali Cruiser Skateboard

EUR 79,95
Length: 32"
Expected in stock 3 Aug
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Curious about skating? Rad skateboards are meant for total beginners to get a successful first experience

Gaining board control is what all beginners should start with. It's made easier with the Cali Cruiser because of its beginner-friendly features, like an in-between deck size and a set of soft and forgiving wheels providing a smooth ride.

Gain board control easier with an in-between sized skateboard

  • Small and responsive enough to manoeuvre your way around the city.
  • Big and stable enough for you to plant your feet solidly and enjoy a chilled time cruising.
  • Functional shape with a kicktail that allows you to progress.
  • Meant for cruising, transportation and learning the basics of skateboarding
  • Ride over small rocks, cracks, and tiles easier with its big and soft wheels.

Get started right away, as this complete skateboard comes fully-assembled and pre-gripped out of the box.

Deck material:
Maple, 9-ply
17.5" (44.5cm)
Deck length:
32" (81.3cm)
Deck width:
9.125" (23.2cm)
Wheel diameter:
Deck features:
Kicktail, Wheel wells
Wheel hardness:
Wheel material:
PU casted, SHR
Bearing precision:
Truck type:
Inverted kingpin, Standard hanger
Grip tape:
Riding Style:
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