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Habitat Skateboards

Habitat Harper Great Horned Owl Skateboard Deck

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From Habit Skateboards comes this killer looking skateboard deck that is decorated on the bottom, with an owl on top of a black stained veneer - Orignal artwork by Charlie Harper. The topside features logo graphics on varied veneer-colour. The Harper Owl deck is made for pro team rider Flo Mirtain. The shape and size of the deck really cater to his technical style of riding, leaving ample foot-space for improved control.

The construction of this deck is made with hard rock maple from The Great lakes region in America, pressed together with water-based glues and dyed with water-based inks as well.

The Habitat boys try to keep the production of their boards in the US for the most part. This is due to three things.
1. The overall transportation and carbon footprint for each deck are kept at a minimum.
2. To ensure a great consistent quality.
3. To ensure that the materials are sourced sustainably.

Notice: Colour on top stain will vary from deck to deck.

Deck width:
8.375" (21.3cm)
Deck length:
32.75" (83.2cm)
14.25" (36.2cm)
Deck material:
Hard Rock Maple, North American Maple, 7-ply
Deck features:
Double kicktail
Grip tape:
Not included