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Doop skates

Doop Trinity Swift 150 Edge Off-Road Skates

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Shoe size: 36-42.5
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The Doop Edge Nordic skates are offroad beasts that are ready for loose gravel, grass, asphalt or any other type of surface you would like to run them on. With a 2 wheeled setup that includes a set of 150mm air filled wheels, you are sure to get a smooth ride.

The front strap features a ratchet buckle, which results in a better lock of your feet, thus a better power transfer and improved reactivity of your skates.

The Trinity version comes with the fresh Trinity 3-point frame mounting system. This 3-point mounting system allows for a lower centre of gravity, which makes it more stable and yields a far better power transfer. These Trinity frames are made from a strong and durable aluminium.

At the centre of the tongue sits a little LED-light that will provide you with enough light to get you home at night safely.

Notice: The sizes that are physically printed in the size-adjustment area on size 9 (EU 43) - 14 (EU 49) does not match reality. This is caused by a mistake in production. The sizes are as we describe them.

Wheel Diameter:
Brake Type:
Not included
Bearing precision:
Not specified
289 mm
Wheel type:
Air tyre
Roller Ski Type:
Bearing Function:
Free Flowing
Frame Material:
reviews   (9)
They are heavy, but I am used to inline skates. I put 6 miles on them today on and off road without issues!
Jesse Light (Phoenix)
Rating: 5 of 5!
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