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K2 skates, snowboards, skis and gear

K2 Trim To Fit 125 Skin

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For the long treks in the back countries this K2 skin is a must have. Mount it with ease to any ski with a tip width of 131mm or less - Thanks to the universal clip.

The trim to fit skin is easily trimmed to fit your specific ski. Made from nylon and mohair it provides plenty of grip.

This skin is adjustable in the end of the skin, which makes it possible to match the following ski sizes:

  • 160 = 160 - 167cm skis
  • 167 = 167 - 174cm skis
  • 174 = 171 - 181cm skis
  • 181 = 181 - 188cm skis
  • 188 = 188 - 195cm skis


  • Skin bag
  • Skin cutter (Cutter for fitting skin width)