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Men inline skates

Bladerunner Formula 82K2 F.I.T. 84 Boa SkateK2 Freedom 80 Alu Skate
Fila Bond LXPowerslide Vi SPCPowerslide Vi SPC Demo
K2 VO2 Max 90 BOA Black/White SkatePowerslide Imperial Pro SkateK2 VO2 90 Boa Skate
Rollerblade Igniter 90 XT Black/YellowDoop Swift RollerskateRoces S255 Inline Skate
Powerslide Phuzion 4 Men Black/Green SkateFila Primo Air Wave BlackPowerslide Imperial Skate
Fila Primo Air Wave SkateRollerblade Fusion GM SkateK2 VO2 100 X Boa Skate
Rollerblade Spark 82 Alu SkateRoces Ink RollerskateRoces Tattoo Inline Skate
Rollerblade Fusion 84 SkateRoces Argon RollerskateK2 F.I.T. X Pro Men Skate
K2 F.I.T. 80 Speed Skate Black/GreenDoop Classic RollerskateHypno STS Avenue
Roces Gymnasium RollerskateRollerblade Fusion X3 SkateFila FM 100 Black/Red
Rollerblade Igniter 100 BlackFila Lithium LX 90 SkatePowerslide Phuzion Gamma Men Skate
K2 VO2 Max 90 SkateFila Nine 100 SkatePowerslide Phuzion 6 Men Black/Turquise Skate
K2 F.I.T. 84 SpeedPowerslide Phuzion 7 Open AirPowerslide Performance VI 84
K2 Radical 100 Men SkateFila Plume X-Wrap 90 SkateRollerblade RB XL
Powerslide Vi 90 Men SkatePowerslide Phuzion Gamma Black/Orange SkatePowerslide Vi 84 Skate
Powerslide Phuzion 2 Open Air 2012Doop Freestyle RollerskateFila Primo XT Black/Red
Roxa F-9 RollerskatePowerslide Phuzion 1 UrbanRollerblade Spark 80 Alu
Rollerblade Spark 80 Alu GreyK2 VO2 Max 100 BOA SkateFila Plume Black/Yellow
K2 F.I.T. 84 Men SkateFila FM 100 Black/Green SkateRollerblade Macroblade 84 Skate

Here you find male inline roller skates for beginners and fitness skaters. Fitness skates are usually quite comfortable and provides a good ankle support.

Remember that we - free of charge - will ship you an alternative size of rollerblades if you so desire! Keep an eye on our sizing guides for tips on getting the right size (linked from product pages)