Mini BMX Wheels & Mini BMX Rims


When to replace mini BMX wheels

No matter how good you treat your mini BMX wheels, they will eventually get worn down from all the riding on different surfaces, jumping down from boxes and grinding rails. At some point, they’ll need to be replaced.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of replacement wheels your mini BMX bike or maybe just some colourful mini BMX tyres to add some personality to your bike you’ll be sure to find them in this category with wheels for mini BMX bikes.

On this site, you’ll not only find the standard type of mini BMX wheels and mini BMX tyres, but we also have the Street Pro Tyres, which roll super fast and give you a smooth ride. These kind of tyres are a must have both in the park and on the street.

Mini BMX inner tubes & mini BMX tyres

If you should be unlucky and get a flat, it’s also in this category you’ll find mini BMX inner tubes. Be aware that if you buy the Street Pro tyres for mini BMX from Rocker, a set of fresh tubes comes with the wheels.

It is also here you’ll find mini BMX rims - which comes in many different designs and colours. You’ll even find an awesome looking shiny chrome wheels set that will leave your mini BMX bike wheels to look totally bling.

All the wheels for mini BMX bikes, mini BMX tyres and mini BMX inner tubes that you’ll find in this category are made to fit the Rocker Mini BMX’s.