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Merritt Bmx

Merritt Final Drive Freecoaster BMX Hub

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The Final Drive freecoaster BMX Hub from Merritt BMX is based on a traditional clutch style system that has been paired with the Merritt 9T Diamond Driver. The unique thing about the driver is that it replaces the smaller bearings found in regular freecoaster hubs, which are almost always to blame for freecoaster hub failures, with a pair of smooth-running and durable polymer bushings that run along the entire length.

The Final Drive hub comes with the slack set at the maximum level - Which the Merritt guys also recommend running it at. But you still get adjustment washers along if want to run with less slack.

Along with the Final Drive Hub, you get a free Cone Wrench for mounting.

ModelDriver side
Left hand driveLeft
Right hand driveRight
Freecoaster, Sealed bearings
Axle diameter:
Number of spokes:
Number of teeth:
Hub Guard:
Not included