SkiGo Base Kit Prep Ski Glide Wax

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Skigo ski wax, roller ski & ski equipment
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SkiGo Scraper 3mm Plastic
SkiGo Scraper 3mm Plastic
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A complete glider kit for your cross country skis.

Combi Brush
Graphite Glider (all temperatures)
Glider (Can be used as Glider for cleaning and saturation)
Pencil Groove Scraper

1) Open the base structure: Use the combi brush in the glider zones with 2-3 strikes.

2) Cleaning of used skis (New skis: Go to step 3): Use an iron (sold seperately) to warm in the glider in the glide zones. Once the glider wax has dried, however, is still warm, use the scraper to scrape off the glider. Use the combi brush with 2-3 strikes in the glide zones.

3) Warm in 2 layers of glider wax using an Iron. Start with 1 layer and let the ski cool off. Do the following steps:

a) Use the pencil groove scraper to scrape the base middle guide
b) Scrape the glide wax off from the rest of the base with the scraper
c) Use the combi brush with 2-3 strikes in the glider zones
d) Now add the second layer and let the skis cool off before repeating the above steps one more time.

4) Add abrasion resistant layer: Use an iron to warm in one layer of graphite in the glider zones for a stronger abrasion resistant layer. Let the skis cool off and do as follows:

a) Scrape off the middle base guide with the pencil groove scraper
b) Scrape off the rest from the base with the scraper
c) Use the combi brush and strike app. 15 times until the base is shiny.


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