Tecnica Ski boots Size Guide

Tecnica ski boots are measured in mondopoint, which are equal to the cm length of your foot. Choose 1 size up, if your length does not exist. However, we always recommend that you use foot length (Mondopoint) shown in the size conversion chart.

Ski boots from Tecnica have a normal width and will fit most feet.

Conversion chart - Find your size

Foot length
EU sizeUK Men
14.0 cm23.76C
14.5 cm24.3 7C
15.0 cm24.7 7.5C
15.5 cm25.58C
16.0 cm268.5C
16.5 cm26.79C
17.0 cm27.59.5C
17.0 cm2810C
17.5 cm28.510.5C
18.0 cm29.311C
18.5 cm29.711.5C
19.0 cm30.512C
19.5 cm3112.5C
20.0 cm31.713C
20.0 cm32.313.5C
20.5 cm331
21.0 cm33.71.5
21.0 cm34.32
21.5 cm352.5
22.0 cm35.53
22.5 cm363.5
23.0 cm36.74
23.5 cm37.54.5
24.0 cm385
24.5 cm38.75.5
25.0 cm39.56
25.5 cm406.5
26.0 cm40.77
26.5 cm41.57.5
27.0 cm428
27.5 cm42.58.5
28.0 cm43.39
28.5 cm449.5
29.0 cm44.510
29.5 cm4510.5
30.0 cm45.711
30.5 cm46.511.5
31.0 cm4712
31.5 cm47.712.5
32.0 cm48.513
33.0 cm5014
32.5 cm49.313.5

Mondopoint - indicates the length of your feet

Manufacturers do not always use the same sizes for shoes. We therefore recommend that you use your foot length to find your correct size. The international standard for foot length is known as Mondopoint and indicates the size of the foot in millimeters (mm).

How to measure your foot length

Place your foot against a wall and measure the distance from the wall to the tip of your toes.

How to measure your foot length

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