Action sports gear

Action sports gear and other cool stuff

We all know the feeling. You are browsing around the internet and all of a sudden you stumble upon a gadget or some action sports gear that makes your jaw drop and say wow. Here at SkatePro we know that feeling, and when this happens, we try to get that specific product into our assortment, and it will usually be in this category that these products show up.

Pogo sticks, Segways and other electric transport vehicles, outdoor toys and drift trikes are among our current product - but since this category is very dynamic, we recommend that you stop by once in awhile.

The most popular subcategory in this section holds our different vehicles for personal transportation. We expect to expand this category even further within the near future since the market for personal electric transportation has boomed.

Both hyped and timeless toys

Do you remember the much-hyped fidget spinner? The fidget spinners you will find in this section are of a very high quality and are perfectly balanced with three weights, which provides an optimal and long lasting spin. We also carry the diabolo in different qualities and brands, which is a more timeless skill toy, that has been popular throughout generations, and probably will outlast the fidget spinner.

It is also in our action sports gear section that you will find different ramps, jumps and grind rails for skating related sports. No matter if you are a skateboarder, longboarder, rollerblader, scoot or BMX rider, we have the equipment you need to design your own park.

But what about the pogo-stick? This classic piece of action sports gear has gone through a massive renaissance within the last few years and has been updated to its current stage, where it allows the user to do huge jump and flips.