Accessories for shoes


All the shoe accessories you'll need to take care of your shoes and keep them fresh and nice

If you are looking for shoe accessories, this is the right place to start. We got everything you need from shoe repair goo to laces, and even boot warmers to keep your feet warm in the winter time.

Have you thorn or ripped a hole in your favourite pair of shoes? Use shoe repair goo to patch the holes and your shoes will be almost as good as new. You can also postpone the lifespan of your shoes by impregnating them, so they are protected from water and moisture.

Keep your shoes nice and fresh after wearing them all day with disinfectant spray or fresh shoe filters.

Stand out from the crowd with unique shoe laces

Are your laces looking tired and worn out or do you just want to stand out from the crowd. We got both normal ones and elastic ones. From plain white laces to rainbow coloured laces and even LED light tubes, that makes your shoes glow in the dark. You’ll find it all here in our selection of accessories for shoes.

In our mixed selection of accessories for shoes, you'll also find a bunch of accessories for when winter is coming. From boot spikes that reduce the risk of falling on snow and ice to boot warmers to heat up your shoes, so you can keep warm when stepping out in the cold snow.