Kids snowboard bindings

Binding system
Hi Back height

The kids snowboard binding system

Snowboard bindings are an important part of the setup - both for kids and young snowboarders. Snowboard bindings help you hold the feet safely on the snowboard. It is also the snowboard bindings, that give you support and stiffness through the highback (the part behind your calf) and the baseplate (the bottom of the bindings). Most of snowboard bindings have traditional setups with two straps - an ankle strap and a toe strap. The smallest kids snowboard bindings only have one strap because of the small feet. They have an adjustable highback and a turnable plate, or disc in the centre of the baseplate that locks the binding to the snowboard.

Kids snowboards come with premade holes for screws. Most brands that make kids snowboard bindings also make kids snowboards that use four screws (known as the 4-hole system or the "standard system").