Race BMX Grips

Grip Length

How to pick and install your Race BMX grips

Grips are vital to stay in control of the race BMX. A lot of riders prefer soft grips. Soft grips add some degree of shock absorption, shielding the rider’s hands from massive hits.

Some race BMX rider’s ride with lock-on grips to ensure that the grips won’t be able to move.

3 tips to install your BMX grips

Have you ever been struggling hard while mounting grips? Here come a few tips we use in the workshop that can make mounting grips an easier process.

Air compressor: If you use an air compressor, you can blow wind into the grips. The grips slide on easily with an air compressor.

Strips: Place approximately 4 plastic strips inside the grips. By using strips inside the grips, the surface becomes less grippy and the grips will go on more easily. Pull out the strips from the grips and you are done.

Window cleaner and other fast evaporating liquids: Using fast evaporating liquids on the bar makes the bar more slippery and the grips can be installed without too much effort.