Convict Mini BMX maintenance

It is the user’s responsibility to maintain their bike in top serviceable condition. we always advise the user to follow these tips in order to maintain the longevity of the product.

Assembly and Maintenance Tips

  • For safety reasons make sure you fully tighten the front and back wheel bolts. It is essential you do this. Riding your bike with loose bolts can be dangerous.
  • Always make sure the chain is fixed tightly to prevent it from falling off whilst riding. But be careful not to over tighten it as this could affect the performance of bike and even snap the chain.
  • Before use, always check that the tyres are pumped up to the correct pressure 45 psi. Never over inflate the tyres.
  • Always tighten the small bolts on the wheel core with a 3mm Allen key; to prevent the bolts from falling out. Our tests have shown that the wheels still work without the bolts, however make sure you tighten the bolts as much as possible so they do not fall out and go missing, prepare this properly before using the bike.
  • For the best performance make sure you align the driver and sprocket as best you can. It should never be more than 3mm out of line. The correct spacers, nuts and washers are all provided. So when assembling the bike, make sure you fix and position the back wheel correctly in order to have a fully functional product. This is the most important part of the assembly.
  • You can keep the chain running smoothly by applying a little Grease or lubricant oil around the chain from time to time.
  • It is essential that the Allen bolts on the stem should be fixed as tight as possible for safety reasons. This is to prevent the handlebars moving as you ride, which can be dangerous. You should always ask an adult to do this for you to ensure they are fully tight. This must be tightened with a 6mm Allen key, always use the correct size to prevent from damaging/rounding the bolts.

We understand that some of you may be new to assembling a BMX. Each box has
included a printed manual with visual instructions and photographs, this is also
available in PDF format, or alternatively you can watch our mini BMX assembly video

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