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ABS Powder 26 Zip On

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This is a part of a bag you can zip on a base. You need to buy the ABS Powder Base Unit separately in order to have a complete avalanche bag

Who would use this bag compartment?

  • Skiers and snowboarders that play their games where avalanches can occur
  • You who need some extra space in the bag for additional safety- and tour-gear

You get these benefits with ABS Powder 26 Zip-On

  • This zip-on bag allows you to mount your skis diagonally
  • When touring, drinking-water is important - this bag compartment is hydrobag compatible

Technical information

  • Separate emergency compart
  • SOS label with international emergency numbers
  • Sturdy diagonal ski mount
  • Snowboard and snowshoe mount
  • Removable helmet mount
  • Versatile daisy chain attachment options
  • Hydrobag compatible
  • Compression option
  • 2 side quick access slots
  • Card and lid compartment