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Anon M2 MFI Black/Sonar Infrared Ski Goggles

EUR 239,95
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Combining a facemask with built-in magnets to a pair of goggles, also with magnets, makes life ever so easy when the cold suddenly smacks you in the face on the mountains. The MFI system from Anon is perfect for protection against the cold. Highly breathable and quick-drying materials make the facemask nice to wear on full on days in the cold.

The M2 goggles from Burton is a pair of no-nonsense goggles for the avid snowboarder who wants to go big on style, comfort and the ability to swap lenses in a jiffy. With the Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology, Anon has used 16 rare earth magnets in order to supply you with a very fast and precise lens change.

The M2 series is Over-The-Glass compatible so you can wear them with your regular glasses and still enjoy the snow. Furthermore, the guys from Anon have been working together with Zeiss Optics in order to provide supreme contrast enhancement and defined terrain recognition.

In the package, you get a pair of goggles, a facemask, a compression moulded carry case and also a microfiber bag for storage and for cleaning your M2 goggles.

The Black Frame with the Sonar Infrared lens by Zeiss is a classic combination of colours that will look good whilst the looking is good.

The Sonar Infrared lens that comes with this package is rated at 57% VLT which optimises riding on cloudy and grey days. They offer protection for the eyes whilst sharpening the contrasts of the mountain.


  • Frame Height: 96mm
  • Wall-to-Wall Vision
  • Flush Mount Outrigger
  • Triple Layer Face Foam
  • Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Frame
  • Magna-Tech® Quick Lens Change Technology
  • Anon Spherical Lens Technology
  • Lens Technology Featuring Zeiss
  • MFI® Technology Patent Pending
  • Over The Glass (OTG) Compatible
  • Outlast® Fog Management Face Fleece
  • ICT (Integral Clarity Technology)
  • No-Slip Silicone Strap
  • Full Perimeter Channel Venting
  • MFI® Facemask
  • Nylon Compression Moulded Goggle Case
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag


Face size:
L, Mens
Lens weathertype:
Changeable Lens:
Sonar Infrared
Fits with Glasses (OTG):
Helmet Compatible:
Antifog Technology:
Anon ICT (Integral Clarity Technology)
Light Transmission(VLT):
Triple Layer Face Foam
Incl. Extra Lens:
UV filters:
More technologies:
MFI® Facemask


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