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Grizzly Griptape

Grizzly Views From The Bu Grip Tape

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Get your fresh grip tape here and add some colours to your favourite skateboard

With the View From The Bu, you get that famed Grizzly grip tape with some very fresh graphics, inspired by the view over Malibu - Also known as "The Bu".

Did you know that a fresh piece of grip tape provides you with more control over your ride?

  • With worn down grip tape you lose a lot of traction and ultimately control over your ride.
  • Freshening it up with a sheet of Grizzly grip tape will be that much more enjoyable for you to ride on.
  • Medium amount of grip for just the right amount of fresh traction

Mounting a sheet of Grizzly grip tape is as easy as 1-2-3

  • Microperforations along the entire sheet makes installation without those pesky air bubbles a breeze.
  • The feel of the grip tape sheet is soft and malleable, allowing you to easily form it to the contours of your skateboard deck.
  • The fine grit structure makes it easier to cut into and leaving you with a cleaner finish.
Insiders tips
  • Using a box-cutter, razor blade or an equally sharp knife will leave you with the cleanest and best-looking result.
  • If you save the backing paper you can use it to really push the grip tape into the shape of your deck.
  • Using the leftover pieces of gritty grip tape, it is easy to grind down the edges for a super smooth finish. A file can also be used for this purpose.
83.8cm (33")
22.9cm (9")
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