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Titen Bearings

Titen Ceramic Bearings 4-pack

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The Ceramic bearings from Titen follow the evolution of bearings worldwide. With the update of the steel balls to Silicon Nitrate balls instead, you gain so many desirable properties. First of is the massively reduced friction. 1/10th of what the steel-balled bearings use. This gives you a much longer roll, and less resistance when building up speed.

Furthermore, the Silicon Nitrate balls are over 50% lighter than steel balls. Which on an inline skate can have wast influences on the overall weight of your setup. Another nice thing with these ceramic bearings is the very low demand for maintenance. Fortunately, these bearings can be cleaned very easily due to the removable single-sided rubber shield.

Pieces per pack:
Bearing precision:
ABEC-9, Ceramic
Bearing type:
Bearing size:
Axle diameter:

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