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Powerslide Megacruiser Red Frame Set

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Powerslide skates
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Megacruiser Frame set from Powerslide with 3 x 125mm wheels. A set with frames, wheels and bearings. Easy to mount and super comfortable to ride on. Three-wheeled inlining is the wave of the future. Faster, more controllable and lighter. The center wheel acts like a pivot point making these frames highly maneuverable.

The wheels on this Megacruiser frame set are made with the super comfortable Pleasurethane compound from Powerslide in a fast 85A hardness. Pleasurethane ensures fast roll speed, good grip and long lifetime. ABEC 9 Freespin bearings from Wicked are installed and come with Japanese oil lubrication for great speeds.


  • Mounting: 165mm
  • Adjustment: X-Slot (adjustable along and across for a personalized setup)
  • Wheelbase: 255mm (same as on a 4 x 84mm setup)
  • Frame material: 6063 aluminum alloy - T6 heat treated


I bought a pair and mounted on Seba High Light. After a day of testing next day I skated 40 km easily and repeated the same route a week later. I am an amateur, skating for less than a year. I heard such big wheels are good for tall guys. I am not tall and still I am happy with this frame and the new experience. I wish the set was a little bit better quality though. The frame is somewhat twisted. Which makes it difficult to extract and mount back some wheels. So you may get frustrated if you wish to change between frames. Bearings got dry after 50 km and some wheels almost did not rotate in free spin. After cleaning and lubricating bearings all is fine again. Overall, this frame and wheels are good and a good value, too.
Elena T. (Cambridge)
Rating: 4 of 5!